Board Of Directors and Staff

Susan Schiano Ingoglia, President                Ellen FitzGerald, Director, President Emeritus

Richard Adams, Vice President                    Doug Binette, Director

Valerie J. Ciani, Vice President                      Nikoleta Rukaj, Director

Barbara Allen, Treasurer


Audrey Berman Tannen, Executive Director

Executive Director of EIS

Since being at EIS, Audrey recognized emerging trends and initiated two programs: SORT for those confronting hoarding and HOUSING COURT BUDDY for those representing themselves in Housing Court.  Audrey has co-authored articles about EIS programs including: “Personalized Intervention for Hoarders at Risk for Eviction” and “Engaging Student for the Community and the World”, both written with strategic partners!  Audrey earned her BA degree at Vassar College and her Master of Arts at Hunter College (CUNY).  She also earned a certificate at the Executive Fellows Program for non-profit leaders sponsored by United Way, NYC.


Arvra Michelle Shapiro, Housing Advocate

                     Camera shy

Michelle began her relationship with EIS as a volunteer.  She was so admired by all and so caring of EIS clients that it was natural she become a Housing Advocate.  Michelle has also worked at JASA.

Vivian Sonnenfeld, Housing Court Buddy


Before joining EIS, Vivian was a tenant advocate at Met Council Housing Hotline.  Vivian is a long-term tenant and housing advocate.  She earned her undergraduate degree in psychology from Fordham University.


Sophia Soloway, Consultant Social Worker (LCSW)


Sophia earned her MSW at Hunter College.  She also has a graduate degree in journalism from NYU and an undergraduate degree from SUNY Purchase.

Other Contributors

The Law Firm of Grimble and LoGuidice, Pro Bono

Frank Skorski, Benefits Entitlement Counselor (through EIS partnership with Community Service Society)


EIS acknowledges and thanks the many volunteers, students, and other professionals, who give their time and talents to EIS in order to better the quality of life of our clients and our city.