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SORT offers a variety of ways for participants to confront their hoarding.  EIS has found different approaches allow SORT to assist more  people and households confront their hoarding.

Our De-cluttering and Organization open group workshop takes place twice a month facilitated by a staff social worker. Private individual counseling appointments are available for those in housing court or in another form of crisis mode. The sessions will discuss concerns and individual strategies for de-cluttering. The SORT program also offers a Book Club with guided discussions and a Mindfulness Series.  Book Club reading selections have included BURIED IN TREASURES, CLUTTER BUSTERS, IT’S ALL TOO MUCH and THE LIFE-CHANGING MAGIC OF TIDYING UP.

Further Information

This program emerged to address the long-term complications involved in trying to maintain a healthy and organized living space in a New York City apartment and to offer ongoing, continuous support and assistance. EIS identifies the client’s needs and intervenes to help cure the clutter problem before the tenant becomes evicted. Our housing advocate makes home visits and offers follow-up assistance to our clients. Clients can sign up to receive weekly phone calls from a our housing advocate or social work interns to help problem-solve their clutter on an individualized basis. EIS has a collaborative with NY State Department of Mental Health and, when appropriate and necessary, can make referrals for psychiatric care. EIS can also facilitate the services of affordable heavy cleaning services for those who participate in our program.

Our SORT support group meets the first Monday of each month from 5:30-7pm.

Third Wednesday of every month starting in March 2017: Simple Living Group for SORT Participants 3pm-4pm.

Some links on how to get rid of clutter and other apartment issues:

The Wonderful World of Ebay! a presentation by Jose Taveras
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