Housing Advocacy

Preventing homelessnessEIS’s Housing Advocacy Program addresses housing issues and seeks out populations that are not served by existing programs. Our staff Housing Advocate provides advocacy to all Manhattan residents in need of housing assistance, regardless of age and family situation. Working with our Benefit Entitlement Counselor, the Housing Advocate is able to inform individual clients of their rights and responsibilities, entitlement to government benefits, and stay apprised of affordable housing opportunities available for rent as well as for purchase. Other services provided by the Housing Advocate include: assistance with payback of rental arrears and individual counseling for clients’ housing issues.

HOUSING COURT BUDDY is EIS’ unique program to help tenants representing themselves in Housing Court.  A Housing Court Buddy is not an attorney, but,   when appropriate,  provides SUPPORT for pro se representation in Housing Court.  Every Wednesday EIS provides appointments to meet with a Housing Court  Buddy who will assist a tenant to prepare and navigate the Housing Court environment and procedures.  Practical tips and information are shared.

EIS knows there are many New Yorkers who should be RENT STABILIZED but who are not!  DO you think you might be one of them?

Check out the website AM I RENT STABILIZED to find out; follow this link-


EIS Gives You Access to Affordable Housing Resources in NYC

New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development

HPD does not rent apartments directly but it does maintain a list of housing lotteries (Open Lottery System) with details about lottery deadlines, monthly rent, and maximum yearly gross income.


You can also sign up for email updates about new rental opportunities by going to:


Select “Apartments and Homes for Rent or Sale” and register your email address.

The Mitchell-Lama Housing Program

Mitchell-Lama offers housing to middle-income residents.

Instructions can be found at:


A list of current developments with “open waiting lists” is available here (or via a link on the instructions page):


Prospective applicants must then write directly to each management company to be added to their waiting list.

US Department of Housing and Urban Development

Hud.gov offers a searchable database of subsidized housing



A good place to search for market rate apartments.


NYC Housing Connect